OA Pro: Weath Management for Professional Atheletes

Osborne Advisors PRO is a sports wealth management offering created solely to focus on the unique financial management needs of professional athletes and coaches. While portfolio planning and management is a primary concern, we focus not only on growing the assets but protecting them as well. We analyze the potential for loss, whether it's a career ending injury, property damage/loss, legal liability or simply an overpayment on taxes because of poor portfolio planning.

Osborne Advisors is in a unique position to counsel athletes during and after their career as we currently provide for the financial and business planning needs of local, regional and national business and individual clients, as well as the professional athlete. By utilizing our business clients and networks, we are able to provide career consulting as well as business and risk management for our professional athlete clients. At Osborne, we strive to give the player a smooth transition into life after sports and a continued comfortable lifestyle.

The Osborne Advisors Pro is a new initiative aimed at ensuring that the assets earned during an athlete's relatively brief playing career are properly managed to support a financially secure and comfortable post-retirement lifestyle. Planning for the future is not an athlete's current focus, playing the game is. Most professional athletes have a limited window of huge earning power, early in adulthood, and how they choose to manage it determines their level of comfort for the remainder of their lives.

At Osborne Advisors we recognize that money doesn't come with a playbook or a coach. We have a seasoned bench of experienced professionals with experience in managing the complex needs of professional athletes and our advisory team is made up of athletes who actively enjoy being on teams when they aren't in the office.

Professional athletes are an under-served niche when it comes to smart management of assets. Even managers have trouble finding the best fit for their athletes when it comes to a trusted financial advisor. Many successful athletes don't think that the flow of money will ever end. But when they know their playing days are coming to an end, they are more likely to think about the management of their money and assets. Sadly, they are late to the game. At Osborne, we're committed to working with athletes early on in their careers to help create the foundation for financial management success.

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